Our Courses

[wptab name=’Tiny Talkers’]Tiny Talkers offers a fun, interactive environment for your child to take their first steps in English learning. Monthly themes ensure your child learns about a variety of topics, and weekly vocabulary will quickly build on their existing knowledge. This high energy class combines games and singing with more traditional pronunciation and memory drills to create a fun, yet highly beneficial class that will be be popular with all young learners.


Class Highlightstinytalkers-price

– Qualified Native English Teachers
– Small class sizes
– Weekly vocabulary
– English immersion
– Focus on confidence and fluency


– Storytime
– Presentation
– Q & A
– Art
– Song & Dance

 [/wptab][wptab name=’Phonics (RWS)’]We use the renowned Letterland Phonics syllabus to grant your child the best possible start towards reading, writing and spelling (RWS). This age-appropriate, story-based method teaches all 44 phonemes, leading to fluent reading and accurate spelling.phonics-pic


Class Highlights

– Letterland Phonics
– Guaranteed to improve RWS
– Qualified Native English Teachers
– Small class sizes
– Fun and engaging lessons[/wptab]